This was illustration piece done for the poem by Edgar Allan Poe called “Annabel Lee”. It was meant as a votive or icon of the subject of the poem. In the poem, the writer remembers his love for Annabel and recalls their young love together. He, of course, is writing this posthumously, as his love has passed on. To facilitate this illustration, I imagined a man recalling his young love, perhaps as a schoolboy himself, as most of us remember our young love best. And, in our minds eye, we see our love when they appealed to us most. Behind her is the crescent of the moon, and the orb of the sun. The one being eclipsed by the other, a foreshadowing of events to come, and an allusion to the line in the poem, “For the moon never beams without bringing me dreams.” Finally, I sought to embellish the image with gold leaf and ornament to hearken back to the 1800’s when the poem was written, and the kind of early personal votive objects or daguerreotypes that people would keep of lost loved ones.

School Girl- Annabel Lee