So here I am off on my first real day about town, and what a day it was!!! Glorious sunshine. As I mentioned, I started yesterday with a run around Hyde park. Today, I did a much shorter run…my legs were sooooo sore. 🙂 But I ran over and discovered the Albert Memorial, probably the most impressive single monument I’ve ever seen. Breathtaking sculpture.

Yesterday, I took in the National Gallery. No small feat. I was there at 10am when they opened, and at 6pm when they kicked me out. But man! What art. I got to see some pretty epic pieces. Highest on my list was Delaroche’s “The execution of Lady Jane Grey” and Federico Barocci’s “Madonna with a Cat”. Wow!

After the museum, I decided to walk back to my hotel. Along the way I discovered Fortnum & Mason. I’d never heard of this place before, but it is really the best candy, coffee, tea, cheese, and cookie store you have ever been in. I tried their truffles, marzipan, and Turkish Delight. Usually I am contented to have one of these and be in heaven. But all three of my favorites? I only got one truffle and one piece of marzipan, but I bought a whole box of Turkish delight (Rose, Lemon, Pistachio, Almond, Honey, & Apricot) of which the Rose was simply amazing. So is it bad if that ended up being my dinner kinda??? LOL

After the candy, I wondered into another park, Green park. (Not very inventive name, probably the same genius who came up with “Waterfall”) But, since the day was soooooo nice everyone was out lounging about, playing soccer, and climbing trees. Green park is connected to Buckingham Palace, and splendidly beautiful. In all the parks here they have men who rent lawn chairs to you £1.50. I didn’t know that, and just sat down. But the chair was comfortable…so what the hell. The one thing about London, everything here is very very expensive. I have taken to drinking tea (trying to quit coffee) since I’ve been here, wonderful stuff really with milk English style. A cup of tea will run you about $5!!! Rome was so much cheaper! 🙂

Today I’m off to the National Portrait Gallery, but my heart is in Peru. A girl there is staying next to Machu Picchu. She said she was camping out, but when I saw the digs where she is staying…forget about it. My tiny 1 person room here in London is very jealous! Much love.