Wow! Awesome day. Beautiful morning run through Hyde park to discover my mentors statue…Peter Pan: the boy who would not grow up. 🙂

The hotel I am staying at has a nice breakfast every morning. I have really grown to love English style tea and have not drank coffee since I’ve been here. Yesterday, I went to the home…er mansion of Lord Leighton. Leighton was a Pre-Raphaelite painter from England. Like so many artists from the colonial past, he traveled extensively throughout the the middle east and northern Africa, even to Iran. He brought back with him tons of artifacts, tiles, you name it from the middle east and decorated his house with it. It is resplendent. Amazing. You can go through his old papers and drawings which are amazing, you can go into his studio examine his reference busts/casts, his easels and really get a sense of how he worked. Quite impressive really.

In addition, he has man of his own (and often some of his best) as well as other contemporaries paintings hanging on the walls. One piece that really struck me was “Elisha curing a sick child” magnificent.

Afterward, I took a long walk to the Tate Britain. What I found were some great painters, and especially some very famous Pre-Raphaelite and Sargent paintings. In addition, I found some pieces that really moved me and made me think about how I paint, what I paint, and what I really want to say. Three pieces in particular made me think about the very character of the paint that we use. They run the gamut from ultra-thin nearly enamel to so thick it appears to be troweled on. Lots of food for thought.

Thin Paint:

Medium Thick:

Thick Paint: