Finally, I’ve come to Paris. Feeling as though I could go home now already and be completely sated artistically. I know I have far more to learn. And learn I will. Tomorrow morning bright and early…the Louvre. This is where it all began for me the Louvre. Tomorrow I will come face to face with the two paintings that inspired me to be an artist in the first place. If you have read my Thesis then you know already the two painting for which I speak, namely: David’s “The Oath of the Horatii” and Gericault’s “The Raft of the Medusa”. It seems odd in a way coming full circle. My first day deciding to be an artist was seeing these paintings. Then some years later on my first trip to Paris, I saw them with my own eyes for the first time. That summer life changed for me, and I began painting full time and showing in Galleries. It was not enough though and I lost my vision, I began to think I couldn’t do it, and so I became a high school art teacher. But still the call was there. I put teaching behind me and refreshed my spirit with a summer in Rome. That summer I began to call myself an artist. That was hard at first, I felt like a poser. Like I was pretending to be something that I was not. But, I made a plan and stuck to it. I was going to be an artist only. I knew I still had much to learn, and I needed to hone my craft, so back to school I went to master my craft and to get a masters in fine art. Now as mentioned, I’ve come around full circle. I stand upon the precipice and prepare for my own flight. Tomorrow, I will encounter these paintings and the artists who painted them not as a wanderlust, not as a hopeful, not as a student, but as a peer and a fellow master. Tomorrow will be my day to say goodbye to past dreams and hello to new realities.