Well, I showed up at the Louvre…just to find out it was closed on Tuesdays. Oh well. Luckily, the Musse d’Orsay is a quick walk. What a day it was in that museum, I was the last one out as usual, and now I’m really tired, so this post will be short. But here are some of the highlights. First they had an entire room devoted to Bouguereau, and another entirely to Ingres. Things are really changing with regard to how people think about Manet, Renoir, and Courbet and the other trash that has been shoved down our throat. The Boug’s were great, and they weren’t even his best works, in fact two of them were his student work before he even won the Prix de Rome. But the museum got them on a tax write off swap. I also learned of a lot of artists, mostly in the Naturalism Movement that I’d never heard of. There were sooo many great Russian painters that are virtually unknown. Here were some of the pieces that really rocked me:

I try to watch when I am in museums which paintings get the most attention. What works stun people, that soon great crowds surround the paintings. I use this for research in a way to see what the masses like. People love Van Gogh. Say what you will about him but there is something there that makes people from around the world stop in their tracks. Bouguereau’s room was pretty packed as well. Manet’s room…empty but for one painting. A painting that wasn’t even his, but by a woman artist and although I’ve seen much of her work, this piece is a tour de force, Rosa Bonhuer.