Most of today was just spent traveling, finding the hotel, and then trying to get into the hotel. Here is a parting shot of my pleasant Canal de La Rochelle.

Well, what do you expect for 50€ a night??? It is a different way to do a hotel. You show up, make a reservation if you don’t have one, or register if you do all into a computer like an ATM. No reception, the entire hotel is automated. You don’t even get a key, just a pass code that lets you into your room. The wireless is all handled remotely too, they send you a passcode on your cell phone. If you need help, you talk to a speaker phone next to the check in computer.

All the credit cards here have a chip in them to help prevent against fraud. So our American non-chipped cards are viewed with skepticism and are outrightly refused often. All taking us closer to having a bar code only visible by infrared light tattooed on your forehead and the back of your hand. 666 🙂

I’m staying BFE, it isn’t even Bordeaux come to find out. It is VERY different than La Rochelle. I am so excited though to go to the museum tomorrow. I have been keeping up with the world cup. It is kind of hard not to here in France. If any of you saw the US game today…uh I was so irate. That was some horrible officiating. Of course I am biased, but man, those guys were so dirty. It is a wonder fights don’t break out more often. I’ve seen hockey matches with less elbows thrown!!!

The train ride in was pleasant. So many tiny little towns with quaint houses, some real olde tyme mansions as well. I hope to have more to write tomorrow.