Well, granted that I haven’t been to as many Bordeaux wineries as Napa and Sonoma wineries, but few things are certain.

1. Of the wines that I’ve tasted: California wins by miles.

2. The countryside is comparable for beauty.

3. The chateaus of France are more classy and interesting.

4. Bordeaux wines are cheaper…but then they aren’t as good, so should they be more expensive?

5. The wine tours in Bordeaux are more interesting, informative, and diverse. Yet, the California ones are more fun.

Lastly, California knows how to sell and market. The first winery we went to here didn’t plan to sell us wine until we asked for it. Funny? Isn’t that the whole point?

All in all I had a good time here, met some fun people on the bus from Canada, England, Australia, China, and of course…France.

Last thing: Do you ever notice how the wine that tastes so good at the winery often loosing something…or everything once you get it home?