Wow! What more is there to say. Lyon is by far the most beautiful city that I have seen in all of Europe.

It has a totally positive vibe, it is clean, people are healthy, and they take care of their city. I am totally impressed. I have been to all the major cities now in Europe except Madrid, Lisbon, and Barcelona, without a doubt this city is the best. It is such a stark transition from Bordeaux, which made me think. Can a city have a feeling about it? Do the people in the city exude a vibe that can be picked up by others? I think so. So, if this city has the most positive vibe of any I’ve experienced in Europe, it prompted me to think what city has the worst vibe? Naples, Italy. Although at one time it was the creme de la creme, now it is a veritable den of villainy.

The hotel I’m at is nice as well, and pretty much in the center of town. There is a natural spring fountain in a park one block from my hotel as well. Lyon is supposed to be the gastronomic capital of Europe. The spring water is terrific here, which made me think. Does the water in a town determine how good the food is? San Francisco is know for it great cuisine, so is Rome, so is Lyon, all have great natural spring water. Coincidence?

The hardest part about arriving in a new town is getting off the train or plane and being totally disoriented. You don’t speak the language, and for towns like this, I don’t have a map. Sure there is one in my guide book, but it never has all the tiny streets. I am talking way more fundamental. How do you get off the platform? Where do you catch the metro? What station are you at, what lines are you on, and which line(s) do you need to take to get to your stop? Which stop is yours anyway? And, of course, the “BEST” sort of people just “hangout” at the train stations. Then comes the daunting task of figuring out a ticket machine in another language. Doing it once in your destination city isn’t so bad, but doing 7 times as I have on this trip is getting a bit old. But, if that is the only thing that I can complain about…my life is good.