Well, it is so warm in this hotel room that the chocolate is dripping…literally. So in a way I have hot chocolate! Count your blessings.

Today was a day of serendipity. I had an epiphany today while in the shower, that is the THE one that I’ve been waiting for. Kind of a life direction sort of thing. So that was happy.

I had a great run this morning doing 10 back to back hill repeats. Next, I set out on the day and found my first out of the way museum. It is always so nice when you find good paintings where you least expected them. This tiny little museum used to be a 19th c. artist’s studio, and he had amassed a good collection of his own, as well as others work. Good fun. They didn’t allow photography, but I got some good ideas anyway.

Next it was off to another museum, this time the Pinocotheque de Paris where they were having a retrospective of Edvard Munch. This and the rest of the day would be devoted to art of the modern age. Again, the Munch show didn’t allow photography, but I got some good ideas anyway.

Next stop was the Museum of Modern Art. Yep, I hadn’t planned on going there see that which I have a repulsive reflex to, or what most call modern art, but they were having the largest retrospective of Lucian Freud’s work since 1978. I didn’t know what I would think of his work having never seen them in person, but people that I respect deeply have an affinity for the painter, and I thought that I owed him a visit. It wasn’t what I expected. Lucian Freud and Cezanne have more in common that any other two painters I can imagine. Freud goes out of his way to break all conventions, yet his pictures are still interesting. The reason is, is that all of his pieces are severely self referential. They are like marking time. They count the minutes that he looked and observed something. Really they are nothing more than that. Everything is from his perspective and the scientific perspective is blown to hell. It is really all about him, and honestly, I liked it. Here are some of the pieces that worked on me the best.

The lighting is always full frontal. and there are very few shadows. His paint is very tactile and you can see that he attempts to paint the way the object feels. I got two great quotes from the series, that really made me think about why I should paint. They were words that described why he painted, and they really made sense to me. All in all I came away very pleased that I showed up. Here is the view of the city from the top floor of the museum out on Paris.

I went and took in the rest of the museum. God, modern art is so much CRAP!!! I had to restrain from screaming on several occasions that it was such crap! I kept waiting to find one good painting, one good sculpture that would prove that these people had skill, but just a different view point. Not ONE piece did I find in an entire museum that would prove this premise. It was obvious too that people vote with their pocket books. The Louvre is packed to the gills, as is the Musee d’Orsay, but this place was empty comparatively. I give “modern art” 50 more years, then it will be seen for the crap that it truly is!!!

I then ventured out to some churches and found some wonderful pieces hidden in the shadows of the naves and chapels. Unfortunately, most of the picture are poor because of the light quality, but it was fun to see them in situ.

Finally, my last stop before returning to the sauna hotel, was the Bibliotheque Nationale (or basically the National Library similar to our Library of Congress). What a nice place it was.

Tomorrow it is a return to the Musee d’Orsay I believe, and perhaps the Rodin Museum, finishing off with the Louvre. I leave tomorrow night for Versailles, and a nice hotel. I saved my pennies and booked a REALLY nice hotel for the last couple of nights. It is right outside the gates to Versailles, and it has AC. 🙂 I am there for 2 days, then I return and this splendid journey comes to an end.

P.S. I found out possibly why people in France smell so bad. I ran out of deodorant myself, and I went to purchase some more: 14€!!! No wonder people don’t use it.