Well, it seems that part of going to Europe is paying a tax. When I lived in Rome, my bike was stolen. This trip to Paris, my gifts for others were stolen. I purchased all these really nice scarfs, silk and cashmere/silk blends, from that museum of weaving that I went to. Yet, they didn’t make it home. Somewhere they were lost in transit. I am really upset, if they stole something that belonged to me…I could have dealt with that far easier than the fact that they took my gifts for others. So…no one is getting anything from France. Sorry.

Other than that the trip home was uneventful. I go back to coaching tomorrow, but I needed a day to recoup, run errands, and look for a new studio/apartment. Thank you all for your great PM’s and posted comments. Hopefully, I have some new paintings or a new studio shot for you all soon.

I did go to the studio today and looked at the monsterpiece. Interesting, the parts that I thought were really bad before I left weren’t that bad, but there are other things that struck me. The funny thing was the painting in my head was huge! In reality, it ain’t so big. I need to paint bigger pieces. 🙂