I’ve been searching for a new studio/apartment everyday since I’ve been back. It is such an arduous task for an artist, especially one such as myself, who seeks to work in his abode. Trying to get the cheapest, but not cheap, apartment with a room for sleeping, and one for painting with good light and a halfway decent neighborhood near where the gym is planned to be, is no easy task. Light is so important, and therefore windows are very important. How big? How many? And, which direction? North is the artist convention, and in all honesty is the superior choice, but those who are poor must make sacrifices. Since I do most of my work during the morning and early afternoon, west facing windows are acceptable as well. Hardwood floors are a plus because then you don’t have to worry about the accidental spill of paint, or the shattered ink bottle.

As I have evolved as an artist, my knowledge and therefore my sophistication with regards to studio needs have increased in a commensurate fashion. When I was young, I was lucky to have a basement in my old house that was all mine. Later in life, visiting my mom for the summers between semesters, the garage in summer, and the attic in winter were places where I could remove myself to paint, draw, and think. In Arizona, more than once, I slept 5 feet from my paintings, and I painted over “nice” carpet so having drop cloths constantly down was a necessary evil.

In graduate school, the school provided an inadequate working space. If you can imagine the worst light, the worst color, the worst security, and cramped ill conceived proportional sectionals; that pretty much describes it.

Now, I have a studio in an office park. I sit in my pee green/yellow toned walled studio which is longer than it is wide, and with 2500k florescent lighting. Yick! But, it was close to my boat, relatively affordable, and as bad as it may sound…infinitely better than my school studio.

What I have learned is I really only need for a studio are: as much room as possible, dark walls, a nice olive green would be preferable, high ceilings, and plenty of light. So considering that the high ceiling in and SF apartment isn’t probable, and considering that if I really want to I can paint the walls, it seems that light is the key factor to which I will make my decisions is how much room and light can I get for my buck?

The search goes on…

As an aside, does it say something that the only furniture that I own are easels and studio furniture???