Having just mentioned the success of the 37th year, the inevitable question resounds: “What’s next”? I am beginning work on is something that my friend Giovanina and I came up with in undergrad: A run around the country. In the early 1900’s the US railroad adopted a slogan to encourage tourism, and namely visiting our national parks. “See America First”. I’ve been around the world, now is the time to see and document the “REAL” America and American.

Here is the proposed route:

As one can see there are a couple of different routes possible through some sections. I am preparing corporate sponsor packages currently, and I don’t want to mention some of the particulars at this time, but suffice to say, the main intent will be to:

1. Paint portraits of real Americans

2. Paint landscapes of the American West, South, East, and North.

3. See as many national parks as possible.

4. See as many museum collections as possible.

5. Run the circumference of the US at an average of 25-40 miles a day, or in 365 days.

Think I’m crazy? I might just be…crazy enough to pull it off.