There are so many things to be mindful of while planning this trip. Logistics, packing, safety, mobility, food, and water just to name a few. That is not to mention the actual running and art making. So here are some of the things I think I will need:

1. Tent- It needs to be a 3 person 4 season tent with a vestibule. I have to have room to sleep, draw, or paint and still have room for the stroller next to me in the tent. Sierra Designs is a favorite.

2. Computer- I need a computer small enough to be portable, yet powerful. The current laptop is amazing, but the hard drive I have is just not large enough, and the processors are too slow. A 13 inch mac is my probable target.


3. Camera(s)- Here at least I think that I am set. I love my Nikon.

4. Sleeping bag- I have a North Face Cats Meow 20+, but that may not be enough going through the Rockies and the desert at night.

5. Transportation- I want a stroller, that I can push while running that is large enough to carry all my stuff, and in the case of a sudden rain storm, that is large enough for me to sit inside to wait it out. I don’t know if this is the one, but it is made for special needs kids, and can hold a person up to 200.

6. Water- This is one of my biggest concerns. Water quality isn’t always as good as one would hope. Drinking out of the tap in places like Phoenix is down right dangerous to ones health. Thankfully MSR makes this amazing water purifier that works on ordinary salt and electricity and is the size of a flashlight.

7. Waterproof matches, flashlight, hatchet, parachute cord, headlamp, and other camping essentials- All these little things add up, and contribute to the weight of the endeavor.

8. Art Supplies- However the thing that is of greatest concern is art supplies. What do I really want to work on, and what do I really need on the road. I want to paint in oil, watercolor, and gouache, but is that really feasible? Is it more logical to just draw? Then comes the question paint on what? Paper? Panel? Canvas? The other problem with oil is that drying time. Where do I put them while I am running so that they can dry? There are some great companies that produce blocks of paper/canvas for painting in oils. Below are two of the best.

9. Paint- I have so much paint. I have enough paint for 10 painters to use for a year, and still have plenty left over. This is part of the curse and the glory of making your own paint. You get exactly what you want…but you also get a lot of it. But, I need some paint that handles well, and dries immediately or very quickly. I have tried nearly every medium on the market, and all fail to dry fast enough. Acrylics are a possibility, but god I hate them. They look like plastic and have such a god awful feel to them. Another concern is oil paint clean up. I am going to tryout this weekend Water Mixable oils. Water is easier to find out in the middle Joshua Tree National Forest than Paint Thinner. Another option is Alkyd paints, while similar to oil, it doesn’t handle as well, but it dries quickly.

10. RV- But all the above is a mute point if I have a support RV following me. Still working on that. 🙂