I photographed this young man one day downtown. He seemed as if he had outfitted for the occasion. He seemed as if he was playing dress up and was trying so desperately to be “Hard”. The hat wasn’t Gangsta, it was a fishing hat. The glasses weren’t those of an OG, but were bedazzled, and probably his moms. The chain he was wearing, wasn’t gold, and probably left a green stripe on the back of his neck. We often think of girls playing dress up with their mother’s or sister’s clothes, but not so often with men or boys. Often young boys dress up to pacify their insecurities. I remember receiving some old sports coats from my dad, and wearing my Don Johnson “Miami Vice” clothes to school. I also remember taking some of my mom’s old clothes and cutting them up to make them look like I was a “Hard Core” skater. As adults we get better at our “Persona” and we try to convince others of their validity by buying the authentic regalia. Saying, “Look at me, I am business man, I am Harley Davidson Man, I am Artsy Man, I am Rich Man, or I am…?” However, I believe being comfortable in one’s own skin is the first step toward enlightenment. Knowing who you are, and who you are not, opens the door to beg the question. “Who do I wish to be really?” “Is that an internal change or external?” Superman, was Superman, he had to put on the guise of Clark Kent to fit in. But, at the core he was still Super, no costume could change that. WE are all Super. We need to be comfortable with removing our external “Kents” so that we can reveal our beautiful selves.