The traditional adage that “Beauty is only skin deep” is usually spoken by someone who feels ugly. Or, this is used usually by someone who is trying to convince another that while they aren’t beautiful externally, they are “Pretty on the inside”.

These are both false allusions to the center of beauty. The external façade only reflects what is ever present upon the inside. The Dali Lama, while not a movie star hunk, is very pleasant to look at. It is what is inside of him that gave him that not what was outside. Similarly, we all know those people that are bitter, resentful, and an all-around stick in the mud. How attractive are they?

We all want to be around happy people. Happiness in infectious, if we smile more we catch the infection. Robert Redford and Brad Pit are good actors, but what makes them memorable, is that they both have great smiles.

So this begs the ultimate question, “How does one become happy?” The answer is so simple…yet so scary. Be happy. In other words, fake it till you make it. If you force yourself to laugh, you will begin to laugh in earnest. Smile, and others around you will smile back.

Be loving. Be kind. Be generous. Be comforting. Be nice. Be friendly. Be healthy. Be athletic. If you are not content with where you are at, or what you are doing—change. We are all beautiful. We are all gods, we must only believe it so, and act like it.