I heard about this race the other day called the TransEurope Foot Race:


The 2003 Trans Europe Foot Race was organized by Ingo Schultze. It ran from Lisbon to Moscow in 64 days and covered approximately 5,100 kilometres (3,200 mi). Out of 44 starters, there were 22 finishers including one wheelchair athlete with Mariko Sakamoto the only woman to finish. The event was won by Robert Wimmer from Germany.

The 2009 Trans Europe Foot Race has also been organized by Ingo Schultze. The route started in Bari, Italy and finished in North Cape, Norway. Again this was a 64 day race. The total distance was 4,485 kilometres (2,787 mi).[1] The race began on April 19, 2009 and ended on June 21, 2009.

The winner was Rainer Koch from Germany with a running time of 378 hours and 12 minutes. The female winner was Takako Furuyama from Japan, with a running time of 529 hours and 6 minutes. 45 runners finished the race.

There is another race planned for 2012. Not that I am planning to enter, but the idea that all these people ran for over 2 months averaging 45 miles a day gives me hope for my run. I heard about this on a podcast called “60 Second Science”. The podcast detailed how researchers found that the people in the race who ran through all kinds of muscle pain had no averse effects on their bodies. However, the people who ran through joint pain especially swelling, had some detrimental damage. Food for thought for me.