I met with a dealer who was interested in representing one type of paintings that I produce. When he saw that I wanted to paint anything, including flowers, he said in a condescending tone, “So what, now you are going to be a flower painter? It takes years to learn to paint flowers!” I like painting anything, and I will paint anything, despite what anyone says.

I had a break through with both of these pieces. The flower piece I really learned how not to be skimpy with paint. I put 5 times as much paint as I would have normally on the palette, and allowed myself to trowel it one. It was the most fun I have had…I think ever…in painting. It really felt good.

The second shows a breakthrough in learning how to mass with a special type of paper (the kind the Italian street portraitist used) and the special pencils he used. It felt very comfortable as well.

I am really happy about these two pieces. Not that they are my best work, but I more fun doing them then I have had since I was a kid doing art. Wow, I am really so very happy at this.