I don’t like the word “God”. It means far too many things and is probably the most loaded word in the English language. “God” has become the place marker for anything that is more than we can seem to understand, or that which we want to make ourselves believe that we do understand…as if we could. I cannot be an atheist, the nature of mathematics is such that it is just not possible that the irrational numbers such as π, Phi, e, ln, other irrational numbers and the Fibonacci sequence are evidence to me of some supremely vast system of which our world is only a small part. For me though, that entity is an architect. 

The universe seems to be built upon 4 systems, the first being the physics of our everyday lives; Newtonian physics. The next physics discovered was the physics of Maxwell. Electro-Magnetism, followed by the discovery of the strong and weak nuclear forces. Einstein and his General and Special Theories of Relativity introduced us to the physics of super massive objects. The physics of super small or that of particles was  discovered there after and we call it quantum physics. (My favorite part about quantum physics is that there has never been an assertion made by the math of quantum physics that has not be born out in observation…not one.)

But, what is the stuff that makes up all stuff? They are thoughts, ideas, feelings, and intentions. What is the zero-point energy that flows through all things, binds all things, and in most ways is exactly like the force from Star Wars? When we talk of such things we are speaking of string theory we are speaking of things that are so small that they exist as only energy. String theory is so small, that it is very likely that we will never be able to test a hypothesis, but the math is so beautiful.

On this day, when Christ was supposedly born (more than likely he was born in 6-5 B.C. and probably in the early summer or late spring) it makes one ponder. For me, it is hard to believe that the God of the old testament really saw that the only way to redeem the world was to incarnate himself as a baby born of spirit and of man and make himself a sacrifice. But, it is very easy to believe that the beauty of this universe is so great and the love that is in it (and demonstrated by the precision of mathematics) was so overflowing that it was made manifest to us. Some string theorists believe that in the moment after the big bang originated, the entire universe was of one consciousness. For a single moment we were aware of all matter.

As our universe expands, accelerates, and moves farther from it’s initiation, it is comforting to know that all things are one. We are one. We are the product of stardust. Every heavy element in the world and the universe was created in a supernova. And yet, we are conscious. All the grains of sand on the earth are numbered as are the hairs on your head because the universe is one. How can the universe not know itself?

So, I’m not convinced that the one true “God” or the Architect did send his son as a sacrifice? I sometimes won’t lift a finger to help my fellow mam. But if that which was before all that we can measure with our mathematics did make that sacrifice…what a gift. What a gift. What was the gift? A reminder to love your neighbor.