Drawing ones parents is an interesting experience. I drew my father years ago, but I wasn’t too good at observing then and the drawing was quite small. This holiday break I had the opportunity, or perhaps begged the opportunity would be more apt, to draw my mother. It is a very surreal experience. I have known this woman all of my life, yet so seldom do we really look at our parents. I didn’t know for instance that my mother has very full lips, and rather high arching eyebrows. The shape of her eyelids is very similar to Asians in ways, and the furrows from the corners of her mouth are pronounced. She has deep grooves in her forehead I presume from all the worry I’ve cause her over the years. Although the drawing of her looks rather severe, she is a very pleasant woman, and her eyes are very penetrating. When she smiles her whole face smiles in accordance, her eyelids drawing tight to produce their own smiles as well. It really was a pleasure to watch her, note her, and draw her with my artist eyes rather than with a son’s eyes.