Flower Power and hippies. That is what makes up San Francisco…or maybe not. But, there are a lot of worthy things that happened because of that generation. The bigger question is why did it stop? Listening to John Lennon’s words as well as those of Ghandi, MLK, and JFK, you get the feeling that they were on to something–we were onto something–something greater as a species. Then it was squelched by the establishment and greed and bickering took over. Now we are so encased in our own fear that the outlook is doubtful that we can come together as a world and truly be at peace. The words of the Christmas song resonated in my thoughts this holiday season.

“War is over, if you want it. War is over now.”

As we head into yet another year of wars, and “Homeland security threat warning ‘Orange'”, It is just a choice, end it.