Thomas Aquinas believed a lot of crazy crap, and some stuff that seems sound as well. He believed that sex was only for creation, and that coitus interruptus was worse that rape or incest…go figure, he was a Catholic priest. But, he did believe some other interesting things. While he wrote extensively on a great many subjects, it was his assertions that man can know God through reason (natural revelation) and faith (supernatural revelation) that interest me most. It is because of this belief in reason or logic that many fields of learning credit him as one of the progenitors of their discipline. Reason is the basis of modern mathematics, sciences, philosophy, and psychology. The second part of that though is the supernatural revelation. In this, I think of the burning bush kind of an experience…haven’t had too many experiences with divine flaming angiosperms.

But, the first assertion that we can know the Architect through our own ability to reason is an important one in my mind. Agnostics believe that truths about supernatural things and the possibility of a deity are unknowable. In that statement are two questions: 1. Are they unknowable because we lack the facility? 2. Are they unknowable because there is no evidence?

Can I achieve enlightenment? Isn’t that what we all want to know? And, if it is possible, why doesn’t it happen to more people more often? Do I need to sit under a tree and meditate for days, months, or years?

For me, enlightenment is the day you realize that all of life is either joy or pain. Once you realize this then, you have a choice- Do you add to others pain or try to relieve it? Being a Buddha is loving your fellow man, and attempting to relieve them of their pain, if only for a small respite.