Well, as per yesterday’s comments, I have begun the process. I have begun doing the individual studies that I should have done so long ago. Big surprise…it wasn’t hard…it wasn’t scary. It is somewhat pathetic that a man nearly 40 years old could fear drawing. But, in reality it isn’t the drawing that I feared it is the answer to the question that I feared. What if I am not any good?

I have come to a place spiritually, psychologically, and artistically where I don’t care if I’m good anymore. I don’t care if I have made the right or wrong decisions with my life. I’m happy with the choices that I have made. I can’t imagine doing anything other than what I am doing with my life. I just want to do art, not because of money, fame, or pride. I just like doing it. Like when I was a kid. I just like to draw and paint. Man, it has taken 28 years to get back to what I knew when I was 10.