My boys had a meet today at 8am, so needless to say…I didn’t get up and run. The boys did well, there were some mistakes, but the boys are good and they swept the meet taking the top honors in every age group.

“A goal without a plan is just a wish.” ~Antoine de Saint-Exupery, French writer (1900-1944)

Training then, had to be done at night. Today, I had to run 15ish, but I ended up running about 17 by mistake because my GPS watch (thanks again Santa H.) turned off by accident. Regardless, it was still 17 miles along the bay, under the Golden Gate, and through G. G. park. Fun. I wear a reflective vest and a headlamp, but running at night isn’t my favorite.

My current training is getting more substantial, and although I’ve lost approximately 25lbs. I still feel the couple extra I have to go with every foot strike. So, as the quote above illuminates, there must be a plan.

Without going into too much detail, the idea is to eat more raw. When I was making my largest gains, and I felt great, I was eating 70% raw organic foods, tons of fruit, and hydrating well. Since the holidays…well nuff said. As for running this is my current schedule:

Mon: 8-10 miles Slow Long-Distance
Tues: 5 miles hill repeats (not my favorite)
Wed: 8-10 miles Slow Long-Distance
Thur: 4 miles tempo run (7 min. miles)
Fri: 8-10 miles Slow Long-Distance
Sat: Rest
Sun: 12-18 miles Slow Long-Distance

So that puts me at approximately 55 miles a week; a far cry from the 125 weeks I plan to do on my big run. But, I’m working my plan. I hope you are too.