So, I decided to have courage yesterday. Well, perhaps it wasn’t brave at all, but for me the situation was riddled with angst. I went to Starbucks, with the intent of asking someone to draw their portrait. I sat next to a nice man named Ken, who made my job easier by initiating a conversation with me regarding headphones. After awhile I asked if I could draw his profile as I saw that he was reading. To my amazement he was indifferent to the process. I had worried that people would feel, “Why, what is you angle? What are you selling?” or that they would be self conscious, and uncomfortable.

Afterward, Ken told me that he had recently lost 75 lbs. and that he recently read of one of his inventions (he being an inventor) was written up in the New York Times. Apparently, he had discovered how to make sonic horns (microscopic ones) cause bubbles in solutions if certain organic compounds were present. The military had contracted him for the work to determine whether anthrax was present, but his research had gone farther. Some scientists had determined that with this method, they could literally wipe tuberculosis off the map.

“He who does not see God in the next person he meets, need look no further.” ~Mahatma Gandhi

My whole goal in running and doing portraits is to meet people like Ken. This kind soul was doing his part. He was trying to better himself, by loosing 75 lbs., and he was trying to better the world. My overwhelming sense is that all people are good. We have done bad things, but we are good. At our core, the people we are yearn for love. Courage then, is the conviction to express it.