Well, the Bouguereau books finally arrived. Wow! Amazing! Awesome! Happy happy happy is all that I can say!

I spent three hours looking last night and the night before. Of course I only looked at the pictures. Reading the giant tomes will take a year. But, in looking that long I discovered quite a few consistencies between works that I think help inform his working method, and help coalesce what I’ve observed when I copied and observed his works. There is a section of the book that discusses his technique. I haven’t read it yet, so what I have to say may be totally wrong. But, my observations are cribbed from notes taken while copying pieces in person, observing many in France, and what I have gleaned from the photographs; both my own and from the books.

After looking at what just the sheer number of works, it became apparent to me, this man worked and worked. I’ve already learned a lot from the books, and last night I did this drawing. I took the reference photo back in 2005 when I was in Phoenix. I have tried to draw and paint this girl over the years repeatedly; and it has always been one spectacular failure after another. However, last night I feel that I succeeded splendidly. I truly believe that this is the best drawing that I have ever done, not just of this girl, but period. What a wonderful feeling, to be able to do exactly what you intended. This is on the heels of yesterday’s magnificent failure.

Yesterday, I talked of becoming more patient, gentle, non-judgmental, etc. Yet, while on my run I was anything but. It frustrated me to no end. Then to add injury to insult, I had run with the stroller to the base of the Golden Gate Bridge to do a watercolor. But, I forgot my easel, brought the wrong paper, forgot white paint (very important), and the size of the piece I tried, proved to be way to large; a sensational and outstanding failure. Humbled then am I with the ability to produce one work so bad, and another so good; a poor morning and a splendid evening.