Is the world the way that we think it is? Is it how we have been lead to believe? Growing up in the United States, you are taught two things: conventional morality…and then what everyone else does. We are taught that you aren’t allowed to run around without clothes on, but when most people are at home, that is what they do. We are taught that women are supposed to be virtuous, yet every woman we see on TV or in movies is less than so. In literature, women are always depicted as temptress, seductress, or a necessary evil. We are taught as men that we are supposed to be pillars of our community, yet told the only way that we are validated is if we screw tons of women, amass great wealth, and can kick 10 guys teeth in without breaking a sweat. We are taught that we can eat like pigs, drink 10 martinis, and still win a hand of poker for millions, beat up the bad guys, and get the girl…if you are cool enough.

Yet we are not shown how to be compassionate. We are not shown how to be selfless. We are not shown how to be loving. We are not shown how to serve others. And, so we do not emulate these qualities.

Therefore a paradigm shift must occur. You can change your vision of how you see the world. I choose to see the world filled not with flawed, evil, self-centered individuals with a government hell bent on corrupting through nefarious acts. I choose to see the world filled with people like myself. People who are seeking the truth, who are neither good nor bad. Whether you are an atheist or religious zealot, the scientific and biblical information concur. We all descended from one woman in Africa. If a god created all there is, then we are part of god, we are god. If there is no god, then we are the stuff of the universe, we are stardust, and we are one with the universe. It is only in our minds that we see ourselves as separate. We are one.