I’ve never planted anything. I’ve never watched anything grow. Arbor days have come and gone, but I’ve never participated–not for any real reason, just haven’t. Persians are known for their gardens, planting the earth is almost a right of passage. I guess that is one gene that I didn’t inherit, or it has lain dormant until now. I’ve planted, and now it is growing. Of course it has absolutely nothing to do with me…but I get to be a witness…a witness to life in making, in the growing.

I have on the other hand been witness to the growth of humans; young men mostly. My boys are great young men, they are really good people. It is fun to watch them grow. This last weekend I got to watch them blossom. At the meet last weekend, my boys took first place in every age group and every level. My Level 4’s got first, so did the 5’s, the 6’s, the 8’s, and the 9/10’s got second. However, the 9/10’s got first place individually in their respective age groups and levels. So as one parent once said, we didn’t sweep the meet, we hoover vacuumed the meet. The growth of the program has been something to watch as well, this last weekend felt like the fulfillment of that promise.

Lastly, I have been growing too. Not only spiritually as some of my latest posts would attest, but artistically, emotionally, and humanly. Supreme consciousness and enlightenment isn’t about arriving at some place where you receive your merit badge of enlightenment, but a daily choice, a momentary choice to regard all life as sacred and every moment as special. This moment of reflection and each moment after is my chance to become the best I can be and be thankful that I had the chance in the first place to witness it all. Life really is beautiful.