Most aspiring artists struggle with hands. In fact some don’t ever draw them at all. They either set up the model in a way that you can’t see the hands, or they leave them out all-together; sort of a Venus de Milo. I too have struggled with hands in the past, and I have especially struggled with feet. Both are tricky because when they are wrong, it is glaringly obvious. In the monsterpiece, I have 14 kids, obviously each have two hands and two feet. That is a lot of difficult drawing and painting, but it is also a challenge. The ones above and below belonging to Jesse and Liam. There is no way to avoid feet and hands if you want to paint the figure, and frankly why would you want to? They are so much fun to paint. Blood pools in the extremities and the bones are near the surface in the fingers and toes, this gives you the greatest color and value change in a very small place. They really are fun to paint, as long as you don’t mind failing once in awhile.