I don’t understand why people are so afraid of death. I don’t like pain, but I don’t fear death. If I were to fall off a cliff, I wouldn’t mind dying, I just wouldn’t want to be paralyzed or in a coma. Everyone dies…but not everyone lives.

Instead of trying to add years to your life, how come no one is ever trying to add life to their years?

This body- it isn’t us. You think that you control it? Try. Try to make your heart not beat. Try to make you lungs not breath. Try to think of nothing. Clear your mind…all of a sudden you start thinking again. Our mistake is that we erroneously consider the body as us; that the brain is us. WE are merely the observer. We watch the world, we interact with it, we experience it, all from the protection and the foibles of our machine, our suit, our flesh. Is this who we are? Is that which is outward a manifestation of that which is inward? You bet. We are convinced by the lie.

Why does a dog not live as long as a turtle? Why do we not live as long as a tree? We know in our brains we have a protein synthesizing machine called the Hypothalamus. It is the greatest drug pharmacy in the world, and it can synthesize any drug or peptide we need. All aging is a result of improper protein production. As you age your skin looses elasticity, Elastin is a protein that provides it. Your hair falls out and turns gray, Keratin and Collagen which are both proteins, stop being produced. If one is to believe the bible, Methuselah died when he was 969 years old. Why then do we not live longer?

We have nothing to live for.

It is common knowledge that very often matriarchs of a family will live on to see the passage of some important event- a birth, a wedding, Christmas, etc. then they pass. What then keeps us alive is will. A will to live. But live for who? There are only two intentions: to live for the self, or to live for others. This is similar to a barn raising amongst the Amish. Everyone pulls together with women cooking and feeding, and the men raising the barn. But all people working diligently for the good of the other. When I was younger I used to participate in work projects, like going to Mexico and helping the poor there by building homes or what have you. We would work 12 hour days in the sun, and think we were having a grand time, and we were. It wasn’t work. We would do it for the joy of serving others. On our way back from the trip, we would always go to Disneyland. The “Happiest Place on Earth” was far from that for us. We were happier in the dirt of Mexico serving others. We would see all these spoiled children throwing temper tantrums because they wanted an ice cream, yet in Mexico the children were happier and they had nothing.

I loved doing construction down in Mexico, so when I was young and needed a job, I thought construction would be fun. But when you work for money, work becomes labor. I watched a documentary once about how the people of Papua New Guinea who would work together for the common good, and everyone participated. Then the missionaries came, and got people to do “work” for them, for which they then paid them in script. The script could be exchanged in the mission store for candy, food, radios, and other goods. The communal working together mentality was destroyed. After that, no one would lift a finger to help others unless they got paid.

I’ve read the words of Jesus many times before, but have come to not like and even despise the “Church” as an adult. What I found was that the vast majority of people weren’t familiar with or didn’t care to live the life that Jesus suggested. The one command that he gave more often than any other was, feed the poor, help the helpless, clothe the naked, and shelter those in need. People living that credo is a church that I can believe in. I have always thought that Jesus’ statement regarding what we should want to hear when we die from God, “Well done good a faithful servant.” was about service to God. Now for me, I don’t care what happens when I die, although I am very curious. But, whoever is there or not there, it would be wonderful to know that the universe was a happier place because I served my fellow man.

So then what is life? What is the opposite of death? Really living, is serving others. True joy is found in the selfless acts of service and random acts of kindness. This is what prolongs your life, this is what is worth living for.