What do you do when you were faced with a test and you fail? Not only a failure, but a spectacular failure. All conventional wisdom says that when someone offends you egregiously, you have every right to react with righteous indignation, right? We have a reptilian brain that causes us to respond out of fear or anger; fight or flight. This is the oldest part of our brain, and without it we probably wouldn’t have survived or evolved as a species. The second part of our brain that evolved was our limbic system of the brain. This part of the brain controls bodily functions, but also regulates our emotional states. The last part to evolve was a neo-cortex, this is where we make choices.

Last night, I made a bad choice,  if I had just taken a quarter second to turn off my reptilian brain, and instead of reacting, responded, I may have not offended or hurt a friend. “Pride cometh before a fall.” I still have a lot to learn.