There are some painters that seem to have an unreal ability to capture the real. Oil paint is amazing for that purpose, but the labor it must take to bring it to that form of illusion prompts the question…is it worth the effort? Is it better to paint more reality- or more paintings? Where is the balance? I have painted very tightly in the past because that is the way that I was instructed, and specifically with one teacher, nothing less was acceptable. However, as I mature and paint more, I feel almost infantile in my approach, because I just like playing with color. It isn’t about the perfection as much, but about the beauty of the subject and the color. However, I marvel at the absolute mastery that some can achieve.

Below are some paintings by an artist I saw in the Louvre. The man had an amazing ability, one that I have never seen rivaled, to capture the illusion of reality. The painter’s name was Balthasar Denner, and he was a German painter who lived from 1685-1749, when people had a lot more time on their hands to spend weeks on one painting. 🙂