I received some art books from my cousin today in the mail. It was very sweet and thoughtful. As I grow older, I tend to agree that the more you have the more you have to take care of. But, art books, would be the last thing I hold onto. I don’t need my bikes (yes I have many), I don’t need clothes, DVDs, or culinary equipment, but art books are my last vice.

The books that she got for me were on drawing the landscape in pencil. I know that that is an area where I am weak, and so I thought that some books might help me out. The books are very illuminating and inspiring. Below is my first attempt…not a failure, but not what I had hoped. Alas, a learning moment.

Also, here is a picture of one of the girls in the monsterpiece. I got a little carried away.

I was able to deliver the sunflower painting and a bottle of wine to my friend today. She was happy. She asked me why she deserved it. Simple, she is my family too. All people are my brother and sister, and all deserve beauty, all deserve kindness, all deserve generosity. Plus, it is easy to give to those who have been kind to you as well. Love…the best experiment rarely tried.