So, here is #1 of The 10,000 Portrait Project.

This is my friend Tom. He is a fellow sailor and sojourner like myself. This weekend we shared some beers and talked about the run, sailing, and the life paths that got us both to where we are. Throughout the time that I have known him he has been a bit of sage to me. Tom has a way with words; he was a writer for many years. He has an uncanny knack of leaving me with one-liners that make me often re-evaluate my modus operandi.

This weekend, he left me with the thought: “Neal, it is you who will receive the greatest gifts from your travels, interactions, and artwork.” It was with that thought in mind, that I came up with the 10,000 Portrait Project and that I will not take money for the portraits. How could I? I receive the greatest gift, the ability to see God in everyone. How more appropriate that he be #1.

I don’t think this painting is done, I need to rework it a little, but I was just so excited to have begun that I wanted to share it with you all.