Recently I took a trip with a friend to the wine country in order to visit my winery, amongst others. Yes, I’ve been holding out on you all for awhile, I indeed do have my own winery. And, the wine is so good, that I have been selfishly keeping it all to myself and not sharing any of it with you.

In actuality, the wine from Neal Vineyards is very good– especially the Zinfandel. I’m not usually a big fan of Zin, neither is my friend who accompanied me. In fact she doesn’t like wine at all, but like my mother, she likes the scenery. However, my friend liked the Zin…so I guess that is sort of a recommendation??? Kind of like saying a girl was pretty enough to make a gay man straight. Anyway, I digress.

The other theme of the trip was to take reconnaissance photos for later usage, of which I was able to get quite a few. Driving me with my camera can be an odious joy of which few have had the pleasure. I’m sure you can well imagine though the tedium of stopping every five minutes along the side of some road to snap some pics. I can’t wait till I’m on my run, and I don’t have to snap picks at all, I can just set up and paint right there. No time constraints, no looming deadlines, just art and nature. Oneness.

But, in the interim, photographs will have to suffice. Here is an old barn and some wine casks past their prime.