It seems somehow comical that when a baby learns to walk it falls more than walks. Scientists have now concluded that when we do learn to walk it isn’t so much about feeling in balance, but a predetermined guess about where we will be in the next moment. We project into the future and react to those expectations. This is why old people loose their balance so easily. Their bodies reaction time is slower than their minds projection, thus they are anticipating things that aren’t true based on previous experience.

The learning to walk analogy has been played out. We all get it, it is hard to learn anything, and if babies gave up…yadda yadda yadda.

As adults you add the element of emotion to the mix. Often humility or sometimes humiliation is part and parcel. Children only have the desire to get up again because they want something. As adults you realize that this thing is besting you; do you really want the prize that much? How much humbling are you willing to endure to achieve the goal?

Here are two paintings that are a bit humbling. This is the 3rd reworking of the painting of my friend Tom. He is not East Indian, he is in shadow, but…needless to say it got away from me.

This old codger I have seen around the pier quite often. He always wears a big toothy grin despite is yellow stained teeth. I like the craggy topography of his face, however in similar stead, I think I went a little overboard.

Classic fail, followed by humility. But, today is another day, and I will endeavor to do things better today. Actually, I am pretty excited about it really, because I know that my failures are better than my successes a year ago, and they are fewer and farther in between. I have to believe that my next painting or drawing will be better than these. The comfort of such a thought is nice, but then again what’s the alternative? So…optimist I am.

I was told once that my last name in Japanese has a special meaning. O ya sami nas I– is how you say good night. However, I was told Yasami really means– although night comes, tomorrow brings a new day, and paintings and painters get another chance to be better. 🙂