Not owning a TV or Radio, and being too busy to read from the internet or the few surviving newspapers, I am usually out of the loop. This is great because I don’t have to hear about all the stuff that has absolutely no bearing on anything related to me. On the other hand, things that are important never seem to escape me. I am abreast of the changes in the middle east and Egypt, and believe it or not somehow I always hear about the congressman or athlete involved in some scandal or another. I was even aware of the unfortunate shooting in Tuscon a month past.

I had heard that the president’s speech was quite moving and wonderful, so tonight I listened to it via YouTube on the way home. (Wonderful thing YouTube and the iphone) I however was not prepared for the speech that he gave. Many have commented upon it, and all have for the most part agreed that it was a great speech. What struck me was not only the words, but the sincerity of it. I truly believe this is a man who wants peace. I’ve never found myself agreeing with a president more that I did in that speech. I believe the reason why I and so many people feel the words he spoke resonate within our breast, is because they were words of truth. Peace and love are not abstract concepts. They are real and tangible and must be expressed as often as possible.

Tonight at gym, I had yet another athlete get hurt. Never before have injuries plagued the gym as much as this year. One double front flip to the head, a concussion, a sprained ankle, a broken foot, a broken knee cap, and a sprained back. I care so deeply for my boys, it pains me to see them hurt. It is hard for me to watch the boys I care for so much, willingly make bad choices that lead them to situations where pain is involved, and sometimes pain that will never heal.

I have come to believe in a Something. I have mentioned before that I don’t like the term “God”, but I have come up with a term that I believe is a much more apt descriptor, “That which is.” To Moses, he was the great “I am”, and “That which is” is pretty close. “That which is” the progenitor of love must look upon us similarly to how I view my boys. Looking at all our foibles, our bad decisions, and the constant beatings our bodies are subjected to because of our habits regarding diet, drink, smoke, and sleep. He must lovingly wish so dearly for us to heed the voice– that still small voice in us all that guides us lovingly, but yet he acknowledges our free will to choose for ourselves. Similarly, I have to choose to watch my boys defeat, maim, or permanently damage themselves sometimes despite the barrage of warnings, guidance, and love I shower upon them…and it breaks my heart to watch them hurt…and to watch them cry.

I think that Obama felt like that while giving this speech. He felt the pain and the hurt of our world, and as powerful as his position is, he felt powerless to help it. He felt powerless to save a 9 year old girl. He cannot do it, no one person can. But, I believe enough of us are rising up; people who believe in love, compassion, peace, and the brotherhood of man. I believe that many of us are awakening to the fact that there can be no outward peace before there is inner peace. I believe that we have become aware of the need for a course correction; that living for the self leads only to more violence, sorrow, and misery. I believe that when we all believe that our neighbor is our responsibility, and we treat them as we would treat ourselves, only then will we be free from the shackles of slavery to the self. Only then can we truly be free. So, may I ask you please…love your world.