The old adage is that flattery is demonstrated by imitation. However, imitation is a poor attempt at copying the outward manifestation rather than understanding the inward motivation. The following video is of Patch Adams, the now famous and celebrated doctor of movie fame. The doctor practices radical kindness and ruthless dedication to the concepts of love and compassion. The doctors that serve in his hospital only make as much as the janitors; $300 a month. They don’t take money for their services, and they have never filled out an insurance claim. They live to serve, and they serve to live.

There are many imitators now of Patch Adams around the world, doctors who may wear funny ties or even clown noses, and use humor as medicine. The movie made it seem as if that is all he and his staff are, that there were only a couple of tricks up his sleeve, and the movie glorified the violence and comedy. However, the real Patch Adams is a wholistic thinker. There are still few who emulate his deeds and those of his staff. Those that only copy or mimic do not understand that it is the very foundation of a patient that must be healed. Our very core of being is what is sick, the outward manifestations are merely a reflection of the disease afflicting our souls. The capitalistic nature of our health care produces band-aids that conceal the wounds that are allowed to fester.

It seems just when you think this world is going to Hell in a handbasket, just when you feel there is no one who looks out for another, and there are none who inspire, realize that saints still live. Rejoice!

…….and emulate!

P.S.  You don’t have to do anything “magnanimous” to do you part in saving our species. You just have to go forth today & be KIND when you least wish to be — directly to those people who “least deserve” that Kindness … That is truly All.

-Thanks to Scaughdt who inspired me this morning with these very words.