So, it seems that people all over are doing what I and my friend Gio thought to do so long ago. I just read about this 17 year old girl named Jasmine “Jazzy” Jordan, who just finished running from LA to NYC. Yet another person dedicated to the service of others. She undertook this trek with the help of her father to benefit truckers who have no health insurance. She raised over $65,000 for them as an expression of love, after she had lost a friend that worked for her father’s company to cancer. What a remarkable young woman!

Jazzy’s Website

As I have spoken of before, it is amazing to me how so many people have had similar thoughts about running, the universe, and spirituality as I have. We all came up with the nomenclature, intent, and the demonstration on our own, yet we have so many things in common. Is this just coincidence? Even Jazzy’s route is nearly identical with the one that I proposed! I find it funny too that her first name is my last name. Jasmine = Yasami in Persian…coincidence? The universe has conspired for my benefit; may I do my part is my fervent plea.

Jazzy’s route

hwy 66 La Verne ca to San Bernadino ca
hwy 66 Palm Springs CA to Parker AZ

hwy 72 Parker to Vicksburg
hwy 60 Vicksburg to Phoenix
hwy 60 Apatche jnt to Globe
hwy 70 Globe to Franklin

New Mexico
hwy 70 Franklin to Lordsburg, NM
I 10 Lordsburg to Las Cruces
hwy 28 Las Cruces to El Paso TX

hwy 20 El Paso to Mc Nary
I 10 to I20 split
I 20 to Pecos
hwy 285 Mentone
hwy302 Mentone to Odessa
BR20 Odessa to Midland
I 20 to Abilene to Weatherford
Weatherford to Ft Worth Tx
route through
Ft Worth to Dallas
Dallas TBA
i 30 to Texarcana

hwy 67 Texarcana to Little Rock
hwy 70 little rock to W. Memphis

hwy 70 W Memphis Ar to Nashville Tn
hwy 70 Nashville to Knoxville
hwy 25/20 Knoxville to Ashville

North Carolina
hwy 70 Ashville to Statesville
hwy 64 Statesville to mocksville
hwy 158 Mocksville to Winston Salem
hwy 7o greensburg to Raleigh
hwy 64 alt 64 Raleigh to Wilson
hwy 301 Wilson to Emporia VA

hwy 301 Emporia to Richmond
hwy 1 Richmond to Washington DC
Washington DC to Baltimore MD

hwy 40 Baltimore to Willmington DE


New Jersey
hwy 130 Deepwater to Milltown
hwy 1 19 Milltown to Fort Lee

New York City to be announced