So, in order to be seen out on the roads, and with a willingness to allow others to inquire of me rather than me approaching them, I have modeled this tunic or reflective vest. It is in keeping with the ideas that the original Peace Pilgrim demonstrated, but with modern materials. The reason I want a vest is that I will be running in all kinds of weather. If it is cold, I can wear it outside my clothes, and if it is hot, I can wear it only. Plus, wearing it everyday, it has to be tough. The ones I am looking at are made of mesh polyester coated vinyl. I have one right now that is orange, and it works very well. However, the mission statement will be easier to read if it is blue. The front will say “Peace Artist”, and the back will say, “10,000 miles on foot for art, beauty, love, peace, & compassion.”