It is a strange anomaly, that competing patents are often filed within minutes of each other. There could be hundreds of years that go by, but suddenly everyone gets the same idea. Leibniz and Newton both came up with Calculus at the same time. Odd too that just when I have finally chosen to run around the US, so many other people are doing the same thing. Coincidence? Nah. We know that we communicate in ways other than verbally, we know that when enough people think a certain thought, there comes a critical mass where it just snaps…and everyone understands. I hope and believe that this is what will happen with regard to how we treat each other. That we all can just get it. If enough of us peace pilgrims, runners, artists, and visionaries have guts to say enough, perhaps we can be the nucleation points for the catalytic conversion of our world to one that is peaceful, kind, and compassionate.

Dean Karnaze’s Run Across America