I’ve always liked hydrants. I don’t know why, I just have. I think it goes along with fascination that every boy has with fire trucks. Fire trucks are cool because they are loud, shiny, fast, big, and different from every other vehicle you see on the street. But mostly, it is that they are painted such bright colors. We know children enjoy bright colors, that is why all their toys and clothes are dyed with the ultimate high chroma colors; pushing the limit of color technology.

Fire plugs as the English say, are also painted with the most chromatic colors possible. Sometimes they are painted as R2D2, dogs, Uncle Sam, or myriad other zany ideas. But, it is the color that intrigues me the most. I remember clearly, standing watching a Gay 90’s parade (that parade would mean something completely different now) with my grandma. I got to see the fire trucks go by, the baton twirlers and the marching bands all decked out in their colorful regalia. But, in order to see, I stood on top of a hydrant that was painted like Droopy the Dog. I like hydrants.