Jason Daniel Jackson has come up with a simple and lightweight way to store wet oil panels, two at a time. I heard about these panel cradles on James Gurney’s site Gurney Journey. They are called “PanelRoo,” and they are made of wood molding with 2, 4, 6, or 8 spring clips on each face, which hold each painting facing into the middle. The idea is that when you go painting, the paint is wet, transporting them back to the studio is a pain. Ultimately, you always get paint on something! I just received in the mail 4 of these in my favorite sizes to take plein aire painting. With four, that allows me to do 4 oil paintings a day, while the four from the previous day are allowed to dry. That may be over estimating my productivity a bit, but I would rather be overly prepared. If under prepared, I will still have watercolor, gouache, and drawing at my disposal.
Jason Daniel Jackson