I had my dad take a look at some of my recent drawings and paintings. He had a lot of good things to say as well as some suggestions. He really liked how I have been rendering the not important clothing and periphery elements with a more gestural quality, but felt that I might be over working the faces. I noted that I was trying, like Sargent, to be more tight on the faces and hands, and allow for “arty” or bravura strokes to take place elsewhere in the piece for a different feel. He suggested I try to be more gestural in the modeling of the face as well and see how it worked out.

In this piece I tried to do that. I tried to just focus on the shadow shapes, and not put too much detail or over work the main thrust of the image. I think that it was a great suggestion, and the piece is stronger than some of the others done in similar style lately. Thanks for the suggestion dad.