I had mentioned the other day of meeting another fabulous person, the artist John Priola. John’s newest work that really intrigues me is based on documenting the giving of others. It calls into question what do people give, how much, and how often. Who are the people giving? Words like altruism and philanthropy are hard words to describe. What image would come to mind if one were to think of these? Doing a google image search of altruism isn’t very illustrative, but the images have one thing in common, many show one hand helping or embracing another hand. Is that what altruism is?

Doing the same with philanthropy, one again sees hands, but this time opened, or opened offering a gift.

These are symbols of the act, but they are not the act. That is what I like about John’s work, it shoes altruism and philanthropy in action. The images above promise…but may not deliver. John’s pieces show love in action.

Unfortunately, his site doesn’t have any of the work I am speaking of on it yet, but the other works are very nice. I especially like these two images which are the reverse of each other.