I’ve been having these experiences over and over. Things that would be considered coincidences, but are just providence. It is amazing. I will think about a subject, and then the very next podcast I listen to, the very next magazine I read, or the next person I meet is a wealth of information on that subject. It frankly has left me gobsmacked.

Yesterday while running, I got a nudge to run on the grass barefoot. The logic of my brain was to say, well my training hasn’t been so great lately, I should hold off on barefoot running. The nudge was then stronger. So I took of my shoes and began to run in the grass…which always feels great. Then low and behold a gentleman runs by me barefoot, and we strike up a conversation. I never run with anyone, and the last time I did was about 3 years ago. It just isn’t my thing usually, but as I discovered Watt Smith was great to talk to.

He too has felt the pull to do things for others, and he too is living his dream. He does comedy, puts on seminars about how to do comedy, and started an soccer league to help people that couldn’t afford it. He also books himself as well as other “talent” as an agent, graciously he offered to help me establish venues for talking about my run to people when I decide to do it as his gift to my cause. It hadn’t occurred to me that I could talk to groups. I hadn’t really thought about it. And, the group that I’d never thought would be a great audience would be gymnasts. I could run into new towns, and share with groups of gymnasts motivational speeches in their gyms, free of charge.