Yesterday’s painting of Watt, wasn’t so hot. It is hard to post a piece that you feel isn’t your best work. But, I do it a bit out of a desire to humble myself. I need to change my perception of my art. It has been drilled into my head by artist’s, mentors, galleries, and school that you only show your best work. And, to do anything else would ruin your reputation. In addition, it would drive down the value of the pieces that clients already own. Plus, it shows that you aren’t a master, but still…learning.


All my work is my best work. It was my best that day considering how tired I was, my enthusiasm for the subject, and the tools, environment, and time I had to do the piece. I have no reputation, so nothing to ruin. I am giving all my pieces away, so they have no value other than what they mean to me or the receiver. And, I am not a master, and I am still learning.

That being said, last night’s painting of this dog, I like. I really like how the eyes came out. I think it captures how ghostly the eyes of this dog were. I am happy to show both. One that is less successful, and one that is more so.

For me, the act of painting brings happiness, and hopefully I can put that happiness literally into the painting. Hopefully, when others receive it, they can feel that happiness and it will abide in them.