Superman and Clark Kent were the same. They were both ways for the Last Son of Krypton to be able to integrate into Earth society. Kent allowed him to mingle amongst the ordinaries although he was extraordinary. Superman, allowed him to be all that he could be, but that wasn’t who he was either…he was Kal-El. Kal-El in Hebrew means “The Voice of God” – קל-אל .

Today I received my bib, my tunic, my apron, or my smock–whatever you call it. I expected to feel this feeling of destiny, or that my future had arrived. I expected to feel the weight of my choice, and wonderment about the future. I expected to feel the onslaught of the many heroes and peace pilgrims that have come before me and I would accept the mantle from their hands. I expected to feel happy.

After I worked my butt off in ’93, and made the ’94 team for the University of Hawaii, I remember clearly receiving my uniform. It was at my first function, my coach gave me my jersey and warm ups and I went into the bathroom to change. I stared at myself in the mirror and started to cry–weep would probably be a better descriptor. I was so happy that I had worked as hard as I had, and this jersey was validation. I had done it. I was part of the team. I was special.

Today, when I picked up the apron, I didn’t feel…anything.

Then the reason why occurred to me tonight. I am The Peace Artist. I am not becoming something, I already am it. Smock or no smock it doesn’t change who I am. The smock isn’t for me. It is for everyone else. Kal-El was who Kal-El was, he just put on the cape or the glasses so that others would see him, either as Clark or Superman; humble and meek and an invincible hero. I draw a comparison between myself and Superman/Clark Kent for character and caricature. The reason I have a sign on my chest and back that says Peace Artist- Running 10,000 miles for Love, Art, & Peace is because it is a lot easier for others to know what this character does. I don’t have super strength, speed, or x-ray vision, but I can love, draw, and help find peace. That is what I can offer.

The smock is not power or a badge…it is merely a sign. How I live is my greatest service.