Peace, 和平, vrede, paix, frieden, ειρήνη, pace, 平和, 평화, paz, мир, paz

I had a thought considering how social media has played a major role in changing the world to date (Egypt, Iran, Libya, Sudan, etc.). It has allowed us for the first time to have a global consciousness. For the first time the world (or those with a cell phone or computer) can be TRULY DEMOCRATIC.

I propose that if we all share what we REALLY want with each other, we just might get it. My proposal is this:

We all know about the 7-degrees of separation. What if I/we post a call for peace to the people I/we know, and they intern re-post it so that all of their friends? Then they could basically re-write this note in their own way, and in their own languages.

I believe that deep down in all of our hearts we want peace between all people. If the whole world repeated this call for peace, those in power would HAVE to listen. I am only one person, but together as ONE, we can make a difference.

I vote for PEACE. Who is with me?