I had an experience yesterday that was gross, horrific, and illuminating. I was working on a painting, and I felt something tickling my nose. I scratched it, and out of my nose flew a ultra paper thin transparent small cluster of cells. They floated up into the air, and then landed. I looked around where it had landed, and all around it were other bits of “dust”. We know that dust is comprised of 90% skin cells. But here I just watched the cycle. That was a piece of me that just died. Why…because I have abused my body.

Babies, begin to die the second they are born. Even though they are growing, they still get dandruff…the skin cells are dying. Later in life we abuse our bodies, painting it with harsh chemicals, drinking and eating things that don’t help it, smoking all sorts of things. I know you get my point. I have often wondered about this, why have we decided to die? Are we so convinced of its imperative nature that we don’t question it? Why do some die before others? What, if anything, would help you prolong your life, not out of selfishness or fear, but would help keep you around longer…perhaps forever?

We know that people can do almost anything when helping others. The grandma who lifts the car, the soldier who drags his mates out, or the person who hangs on to life only to die after a wedding, birth, celebration, or birthday. We know that selfless service to others seems to empower a person, given them energy when no other energy source (food and sleep) is available.

I also thought a lot about the outward degradation of stress. We know that some men bald, and others don’t we also know (although somewhat unscientifically) that if you bald first in the back you are usually a stressed out person. The reptilian brain is at the back of the head, that part the produces the fight or flight responses that are based on fear and anger. The pre-frontal cortex where we make our choice, is at the front of the head. It is merely my conjecture, but could it be possible, that when one section of the brain or the other is working (perhaps heating up), that hair loss happens in that area? My evidence is merely anecdotal, but if you look at the “Great Thinkers” around the world, they tend to bald in front, and have “beautiful” foreheads and tend to smile a lot.