I received this from Scaughdt, and to be honest it elated my heart. I think it is important to post it here as well for the many people that wonder about the feasibility of a trip such as this. Personally, the update is very challenging to me. It encourages and asks one to challenge one’s previously established “knowledge”. We are taught to fear and not to step out of line. Our school system…hell even the way I coach is all about uniformity. One can step out fearless or fearful, but as Scaughdt mentions regarding food and sleep, you will find what you expect. I’m so happy for him.

Hi again Friends!
I just crossed under I-285, which means that I am officially in Atlanta now!  It will take me through tomorrow night to get across its HUGEness, and yet I am up the challenge/privilege …
A few birelf answers to a few questions I have received:
“How many mile sin the first two days?”
Over 60 (I’m doing about 30 per day)
“Where do you sleep?”
This will require a more in-depth answer than this email session allows, and yet suffice to say that I have not slept much.  My body hasn’t adjusted to “on the streets” mode yet, so I tend to doze off on a bench somewhere for an hour or so and then wake up and walk some more. Two nights ago I didn’t sleep at all!
“Who has offered you food?”
Similar to the previous response, this one will be Blogged in depth after the Journey is over, and yet I can briefly say that some days I have eaten nothing (day one I walked 25 miles only drinking water!) and others (like yesterday) I was stuffed to the brim with the generosity of others. 
Basically, whether we are sleeping well or not; eating well or not; or feeling ease or not, this Pilgrimage is teaching me (flagrantly) that my personal State of Being truly is completely dependent upon my internal choices, and that when I shift my focus away from hunger or pain or thirst or fear or fatigue — and towards simply extending others some Kindness, all the afore-mentioned discomforts fade in their intensity, if not disappear entirely!
Fantastic suff, this being Human … 😉
Love to you all … I will attempt to post another update post-Atlanta.
until then, Be Now! (& be Kind!)
the Numinous Nomad